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The Ethbat platform is a Saudi platform that provides legal services remotely.

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Our Vision

Ethbat aspires to develop the legal services sector and turn it into a digital platform.

Our Mission

Legal system should be reachable to everyone

Our Message

Facilitate easy access to legal services and advice for everyone

Our Specialty

The Ethbat Platform, in cooperation with the most skilled lawyers accredited by the Saudi Bar Association, aims to facilitate obtaining legal advice and submit requests for cases in a professional manner, in order to save the client’s time and effort.

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Making Legal Services Affordable and Reachable

Ethbat makes legal consultation easy for everyone

Register on the platform, create a new case, add all the necessary data, and wait for the advisors’ response on the platform.

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Individual and For Businesses

Suitable for individuals with one time requirements as well as corporates for regular needs

The Ethbat Platform is a platform for legal services, which was established through a partnership between the Office of Muhammad Al-Aqla (lawyers, consultants, and arbitrators) and Sandan Information Technology.

Litigation before the courts

Legitimate and legal advice


Commercial, governmental and customary contracts


Business Administration

Criminal Cases

Real Estate

International law


International trade and investment

Intellectual property and product protection

Financial and tax issues

Public Relations and Media

Commercial agencies and franchise contracts

Maritime and customs issues